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Horse Insurance

We are committed to the welfare and enjoyment of pets and gives peace of mind to owners. Our Petplan policies are underwritten in New Zealand by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Incorporated in Australia) trading as Allianz New Zealand, which is part of the global insurance provider Allianz Group. So you can be reassured that your policy is underwritten by one of the world’s largest insurers. Even the most caring pet owners are often unprepared financially to handle an expensive and often unplanned vet bill that accident or illness can bring. That’s why pet owners around the globe turn to the world’s #1 Pet Health Insurance provider to help cover the unexpected costs of veterinary care. Pets can be insured for the first time from 8 weeks of age up to their 8th birthday. Our Petplan has a range of policies as we recognise different needs & budgets when it comes to Pet insurance.
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Horse Insurance - About the policies

Equine Insurance – About the policies Mortality, Theft &Straying

This is the base cover offered by Petplan Equine. This refers to either the death of your horse or its physical disappearance, whether by theft or straying. This covers the sum insured or market value (whichever is the lesser) should the horse pass away or have to be euthanized under humane grounds or was to be lost or stolen during the period of insurance.

Optional Extras:

Vet Fee Cover

One of the most common reasons to claim on equine insurance is for veterinary fees. Veterinary medicine can be expensive and if you do not have the means to pay an unexpected bill of up to several thousand dollars for an emergency surgery for colic, or a lameness investigation, you may be faced with the unpalatable decision of whether or not to have your horse destroyed.

Petplan Equine offers two levels of cover for Vet treatment, following an injury or illness. “Standard Cover” pays up to $10,000 in any one claim or in any one year with an excess of $200 per condition. Our “HiXS Cover” pays up to $7,000 in any one claim or in any one year with an excess of $1,000.

Permanent Loss of Use

In very basic terms this area of cover exists to protect you if your horse were to suffer an injury or illness so severe that it will never be able to participate in the activity it is insured for again.

The important thing to remember is that the disability has to be permanent and it has to prevent the horse from doing an activity that it is insured for.

Petplan Equine offers two levels of Loss of Use cover - 60% or 100%.

Disposal after Death

This covers up to $300 towards the cost to remove and dispose of your horse’s body if it dies or is humanly destroyed.

Saddlery & Tack Cover

This cover replaces or repairs saddlery & tack that has been stolen damaged or destroyed. The insured saddlery & tack must be kept in a locked tack box, vehicle or building.

Horse Float Cover

Petplan Equine offers insurance for your horse float or horse drawn vehicle. If your float or horse drawn vehicle is destroyed, stolen or damaged the cover will repair or replace  up to the sum insured or market value, whichever is the lessor.

Other Plans Available:

Veteran Plans

Petplan Equine Veteran Plan are  a value for money package offering essential cover for horses and ponies aged from 17 to 29 years. It covers up to $3,000 following the death of your horse due to injury or if it is lost, strayed or stolen, including advertising and reward. Optional vet fee cover paying up to $2,000 towards treatment for injury.